This is my humble attempt at capturing what is hidden beneath the shadows of countless skyscrapers and deafening buzz of a busy urban jungle such as Shenzhen. Shenzhen is a major city in Guangdong Province, China. Just shy of 30,000 inhabitants in 1979, Shenzhen managed to grow into a megalopolis of 18 million residents in just 4 decades making it one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Considered as Silicon Valley of hardware of China, it is easy for one to get caught up in a fast paced rhythm of this place.

Serbia has so much to offer in terms of its natural wonders. These shots are just a glimpse of the untamed beauty this country should consider as one of its greatest treasures. I loved working on this project. This was shot over 4 days in different parts of the country including, Krupanjsko vrelo, Manasija Monastery, Nis, Djavolja Varos, Uvac and Zlatibor using DJI inspire 1 drone and x3 camera.

One of the most exciting projects this year!I love shooting and editing action sports! Always wanted to shoot enduro MX and this was an opportunity I couldn’t miss out on when I was asked to do an aftermovie for this event. This was shot over two days in Fruska Gora, Serbia. It was a hectic experience but fun none the less! Boys did a great job organizing it and I am looking forward to being there, shooting and editing next year.

This was an experimental short film from the beginning to the end. Winter was harsh this year and again we had Ice on the Danube. I thought it would be a good time to tryout aerial hyperlapse by programming a drone to follow a certain route at a certain pace that would match the pace of ice breaks on the water. As it is doing it, it would take pictures every 3 seconds which would later on be put into a sequence. This was fairly complicated to do back in the day but its much better now with the DJI inspire. I love that drone! In the second part of the edit, I wanted to put some LED lighting on my oktokopter and AV200 gimbal to see what effect I could get from going over dense oak woods covered in snow. See for yourself and enjoy!

In search of a Snow Fairy from Nikola Lukičić on Vimeo.

Club Reset is such a cool place! I spent a lot of time there and love the people responsible for how the place looks and makes you feel like, no metter if you’re just visiting or organizing your special occasion there. I decide to make a small edit and hopefully show just a glimpse of a general atmosphere this place has to offer. This was all shot on DJI Inspire 1 drone. Some shots were handheld which proves that this equipment can be used for ground shots as well as aerial ones. Enjoy!

It was a pleasure to work with the wonderful people of Vega It. They take such good care of their employees and always raise a standard when it comes to making them happy. This was a short video we did for them. Vega IT was chosen by a panel of independent judges, including senior businesses and academic leaders, to be a ‘National Champion’ in the 2016/17 European Business Awards and is representing Serbia in the next stage of the competition.

Good times at Fantast castle in Becej. I enjoy filming fashion videos. This is one of the BTS videos I did for Aleksandar Gligoric a fashion photographer based in Serbia.

Making of Arte e Moda editorial from Nikola Lukičić on Vimeo.

I decided to make another oneshot edit of Dejan in the bikepark but using a drone this time. This was shot on the TBS discovery pro and gopro4 black. First try! 🙂

One Shot Bukovac from Nikola Lukičić on Vimeo.

This one is a project two years in a making. When I am not out there filming and editing, I am digging and making  a bike park with friends. This took us about two years to make after getting the land from the city. This video is an invitation to all the international riders to come to the park opening and the first international mtb slopestyle competition in Serbia by seeing how the competition jump line looks like. This was shot on a DJI Ronin with canon 5D mark3 on a motorcycle. We had to make a separate line for the motorcycle. One guy was riding a motorcycle, the other guy was holding a Ronin while riding on a motorcycle and I was controlling a gimbal from the side using a remote control while looking at a live feed from the camera. Big ups to Dejan Milankov for making it through the jump line after over 10 tries on his bicycle.

Bike park Bukovac from Nikola Lukičić on Vimeo.

Good times in Monetenegro during Rasta’s new video shoot. These are some of the shots I captured with the DJI s900 and panasonic GH4 during our two days of shooting. The original music video has over 50 million views by now! You can check it out here Budva selects from Nikola Lukičić on Vimeo.

It’s been a busy couple of months. Here are single day shot selects from flying around National Park Tara a few weeks ago. Enjoy! Tara from Airworx on Vimeo.

We are looking forward to new opportunities, friendships, and adventures as we fly into 2015. Enjoy and all the best! Čestitka from Airworx on Vimeo.

Few of our shots in this promotional video for municipality of Backa Palanka. It was fun little trip with our long range quad. Backa Palanka – A place worth visiting from Sasa Ljubojevic on Vimeo.

This was a fun shoot. Trying to achieve a 3d animation effect using our oktokopter was quite easily achievable in this unique environment. This was shot at Delhaize group distribution center in Stara Pazova, Serbia I I I I I I I I I I I from Airworx on Vimeo.

These are some of our shots we did for Tarkett Academy Serbia. Some tight space indoor flying in this one clearly shows that our helis can be used for steady cam shots as well.

So we’re back to where it all started… shooting action sports is why this whole aerial filming obsession came about.

We spent couple of weeks in Ada Bojana , Montenegro this summer and decided to go visit old Olive orchards in Valdanos near Ulcinj. Some of these trees are estimated to be thousand years old.

My friend Darko a.k.a. Chaz makes most out of this amazing scenery by longboarding through the orchards. His style compliments the magic of the place as he effortlessly glides through this forgotten, but beautiful landscape.

Thank you to all the friends who were with us that day, holding traffic and I hope you enjoy watching him shred as half as we did flying and riding together.

Valdanos from Airworx on Vimeo.

Fun flight through and over a small church in Laćarak, Vojvodina. Our small , long range quadcopters are perfect for these kind of shots. Through & over from Airworx on Vimeo.

Last week’s immense rain brought cataclysmic floods upon Serbia. Country and entire Balkan region have never seen such catastrophe caused by floods and the final number of casulties is still unknown Kolubara coal basin lights up every other light bulb in Serbia. Now, along with all the machinery, it is completely submerged under water which is 60 meters deep at some places and energy production is in great crisis. It is estimated that damages to Kolubara coal basin caused by the floods amounts to about 100 million euros. This is nothing compared to numerous cities and villages still being submerged and fighting the ongoing floods This video is trying to raise awareness about the catastrophe that is currently unfolding in my country and tries to gather as much support for Serbia as possible.

Kolubara from Airworx on Vimeo.

Spring 2014 through the eyes of our long range equipment. All footage was taken around our hometown of Novi Sad between March and May which were blooming with life and beautiful weather. Hope you like it.

Proleće from Airworx on Vimeo.

At we love what we do enough that it get’s easy to get lost in our work. We understand ones urge to create and tell stories. It’s our job to help both us and our clients tell those stories in the most unique way possible. Hungry for images materializing through lens of our helicams, we enjoy all of the aspects this wonderful technology has to offer. It’s our adventures and hobbies that drive our creativity and we want to share that with our friends and clients. Enjoy our new 2014 reel!

Airworx Reel 2014 from Airworx on Vimeo.

Bozicno jutro i cestitka Novom Sadu. Enjoy! Božić from Airworx on Vimeo.

Mali edit uradjen za Shii Clothing, mladi i perspektivan brend iz Srbije koji se bavi izradom unikatne, allover print garderobe. Miholjsko leto i druzenje na obali Dunavca u okolini Novog Sada su definitvno doprineli atmosferi prilkom snimanja. To je ujedno bila i dobra prilika za trening letenja i snimanja pod zoom-om. Uzivajte!

Shii from Airworx on Vimeo.

Ucestvovali smo u snimanju spota za pesmu “I can’t” delo veoma talentovane Ane Curcin. Uzivajte! Nasi aerial kadrovi u korporativnom filmu za Bekament Setnja po djavi i brzi test flight i kadar koji mi se uvek cinio jednostavnim a zanimljivim.

I ove godine smo ucestvovli na 4 elements outdoor trci….ovog puta na Vlasini i prelepom Vlasinskom jezeru. Ovo je definitivno jedan od projekata kojem se radujemo svake godine. Ovo je trailer za film koji bi trebalo uskoro da izadje. Uzivajte .

4 elements 2013 trailer from Udruzenje Freestylera on Vimeo.

Proveli smo popodne u Vilovu u prelepom Vrbinjaku i snimili par kadrova za spot grupe Tribal i Lexington


Vruc dan i super provod na 1. Red Bull Flugtag-u u Srbiji. Bili smo pozvani da ispratimo ceo event iz nase perspektive. Uzivajte. AirWorx @ Belgrade Red Bull Flugtag 2013 from Airworx on Vimeo.

Par nasih kadrova u novom spotu Amadeus Banda u saradnji sa Zandarmerijom Srbije. Ovo je bilo jedno od zanimljivijih snimanja

Mali teaser za nezavisni Airworx projekat po imenu ” Krovovi Novo Sada” The Rooftops of Novi Sad Teaser from Airworx on Vimeo. Vijanje minica helicem…par nasih kadrova i good times na projektu za Mini

Novi Sad ice age from Airworx on Vimeo.

Airworx mini quadcopter & gopro from Airworx on Vimeo.

Airworx @ Red Bull Backyard Digger 2012 from Airworx on Vimeo.

2012 Opel Astra Gtc by AirWorx from Airworx on Vimeo. Porto Montenegro Summer 2012 from Porto Montenegro on Vimeo. Burn That Wooden Rail – Ski opening 2012 from Udruzenje Freestylera on Vimeo. Bike p